As the Crow Flies

by Demons From the Dungeon Dimension

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Teasy Maybe the purchase with the lousiest recording quality I ever made, but I love the concept :-) Favorite track: As the Crow Flies.
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Debut album by South African Doom / Sludge / Black Metal band Demons From the Dungeon Dimension. Recorded in the rural wilds of KwaZulu Natal.


released May 2, 2016

Written, recorded, performed, produced and mixed by Demons From the Dungeon Dimension.

Band Logo by Glenn Groenewald:



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Demons From the Dungeon Dimension Durban, South Africa

Demons who have escaped from hell.

Exiled to the rural wilds of KwaZulu.

Death to the horned one.

He has betrayed us all.

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Track Name: Black Dragon
When I was a child I could not even see
Beyond my pastures of green
The smell of the sulfur aflame and my burning dreams
I could never foresee

Razor sharp talons
As big as a horse
Desolate fields
Burnt by the flames He did breathe unto us

Could I flex my heart or pierce you through callous skin
Underneath the lesions I emerge and you split in
Stitch together eyelids formulaic blind
Blackened skies and blackened soils where the dragon flies

Black dragon who is chasing me for all I have
Specter paranoia infiltrates my heart and blood
As I throb in agony the fear does freeze my bones
Hunted out my life of fortune overthrew my throne
Track Name: Raising Hell
I was born in a concrete jungle
Where dinosaurs did roam
My mind was wild but my body fragile
Fire in my soul

On the graves I sat and listened
For anyone to call my name
The only thing they ever told me
I was born to be a slave, ok?

I'm not ok

So the witches came and blessed me
Lifted the curse that was on my name
A wizard cast a spell upon me
Tore my humanity to the grave

Silver tongue that I was blessed with
Helped me forge and guide my way
Demons ran from my verbal venom
Hell would burn but I would poison her flames

Poison her flames x2

Underneath the earth we live off
I will tear a cursed hole
Lifting up the fires below us
That will burn our immortal souls

Cast aflame our burning kingdom
Plagued with poverty and decay
Blackened skies and burning horizons
Our sins and our world set ablaze
Track Name: Scales
Scales that slide over your gold
Seized through fire claws take hold
Burning white your world is sold
Dragons take what was yours alone

Sliding the knife between their ribs
Is how your riches did grow
Breaking the backs of the penniless
Is how your profits rose
Until those wings did blacken your skies
And fire consumed your veil
The fangs of the one that was greater than you
The one who could pierce your scales
Track Name: As the Crow Flies
Over the freezing mountains
I gripped your hand
Frost-bitten and smitten with high hopes
We sought new lands
But we found only
Battle stains and bloodshed
And in our new found home
I was cut and you were bled

If there's one thing that I know
I have learnt from all of this
The warring tides of life
Provide you no escape
From the choices that we chose
To our eyes that picked by crows
Cannot see what we have done
Cannot see out from beyond

Why have you chosen to forsake the traveled path?
Now I am lost in this wilderness
I seek a refuge and a comfort for my heart
Drifting through oceans of light and darkness
Track Name: Lament For the Fallen
Lament for the fallen left behind
Broken bodies that trace our path
Slithering behind us flows their blood
Syrup river sticking to our love

Though their names are now forgotten
Twisted corpse long since decayed
Perhaps their bones shall rest in peace
Perhaps their souls can find a way

Oh, they were denied the privilege
To grow weak and blind with age
Oh, they never saw the kingdoms
Of those nations that we never made

Conjuring curses to protect us
From ourselves and our haunted minds
Memories flood that mock our justice
We delivered with steel and grind

Oh, they were denied the privilege
To grow weak and blind with age
Oh, they never saw the kingdoms
Of those nations that we never...

Oh how we begged them for mercy but they still hailed fire and rain
Our insatiable lust for a feeling we could not obtain
Now we are stumbling blindly detested in every way
Though we have pillaged our lands and we have scorched them for monetary gain